Server Highlights

Custom AI

We have a wide range of mobs AIs on our server so you never get bored! Cows, Chickens, Creepers? Yea we got 'Em!

in-Game Shops

Every factions server wouldn't be complete with out a shop! Chooseing to make a base out of Quartz? We got you!

Enchanting and Anvil

We have a custom made plug-in to enable player to use the Anvil and Enchanting in our server!

Faction Dashboard?

Yes you head right we are in the process of creating a custom factions dashboard to manage your stats and to manage the stats of those in your faction!(Comming Summer of 2016)

Donation Options

Our donations work on a global basis, donate for something to help boost the WHOLE server.

Other Great Features

  • Custom Factions Systems
    Join a faction to make raiding and growing on the server a lot easier.
  • Quests (Comming Soon)
    100s of quests build around your class and level.
  • Smart Mobs / AI
    Zombies are useful on our server, they fight and even attack!
  • Faction War System
    We have made it easier for factions to raid eachother by adding /f war [faction] and /f wartp
  • Faction Missions (Comming Soon)
    100s of Faction missions to go on! Based on your faction rank and number of members!
  • Enchanting and Anvils
    Enchanting Tables and Anvils are useful on our server! Name, Enchant, Fix, and More!
With CyberTech++ we are always open and ready for change! So we grow and mold the need of the MCPE community!
We have working potions available to ranks only at the moment.

The Server Staff Team

  • Yungtechboy1 - CJ

    Owner and Lead-Dev
    Yungtechboy1 is probably the reason why factions is this good on MCPE. He has always been at the forefront of Pocketmine Server development!
    Along with a great dev! He is always thinking of ideals and new features to add! We will go places with him!
  • Lil Crispy - AV

    Partner - Lead-Dev
    Shortly after we were created yungtechboy1 found someone who had the imagination and drive that he had! This person was Lil Crispy! Since then they have worked on countless projects are still great friends today.
  • Jooky

    Master Builder
    Probably one of the best builders in the MCPE land! But we have the honor of saying we found him first XD.
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